Notes and things... In order to facilitate the electronic distribution of the enclosed tex

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Notes and things... In order to facilitate the electronic distribution of the enclosed text(s) to a wide variety of computer platforms we (GenNet) have chosen to reproduce them as "plain vanilla" ASCII* text files. Please do not reformat these documents if you plan on redistributing them. We have strived for a consistent and pleasing appearance in the documents we distribute. As a result, minor formatting changes have been made from the originals. Underscores have been used to designate italicized words and titles. Paragraphs have been indented three spaces and separated by a blank line. All lines terminate with a carriage return and line feed. Spaces are used in place of tabs. The original punctuation has also been retained whenever possible. Spelling mistakes and typographical errors have been corrected when found. While citation format is generally the same as the original, some changes have been made to maintain consistency. Please contact Walt Stumper (addresses below) for suggestions, criticisms, or corrections. We have used the following naming convention for _Impact_ articles: IMP-###!.xxx = Shortened version of series title. ***-198!.xxx = The number of the article in the series. *** = A letter indicates version based on revisions or corrections. Updates are issued when necessary. ***-###!.TXT = Type of file: TXT, GIF, TIF, WAV, or other format. Other documents and archives will follow the same format whenever possible. You must contact the individual copyright holders if you wish to incorporate these files in other programs (including CDROMs) or reproduce them in another format. * ASCII decimal characters 32 through 126. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * The file(s) in this archive are produced and distributed via the Genesis Network (GenNet). Official distribution sites: Origins Talk -- (314) 821-1078, Walt Stumper, Sysop. FidoNet, 1:100/435; FamilyNet, 8:3006/28; GenNet, 33:6250/1 Voice: (314) 821-1234 Genesis Network I -- (407) 582-1972, Jim Johnston, Sysop. FidoNet, 1:3609/11; FamilyNet, 8:3111/0; GenNet, 33:6150/0 CompuServe: 73642,2576 Voice: (407) 582-1880 Contact either of the above systems for additional information about file distribution & echos.


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