Subject: - Lunar/solar calendar simulator Followup-To: I have uploaded: SimTe

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Subject: - Lunar/solar calendar simulator Newsgroups: comp.archives.msdos.announce Followup-To: I have uploaded: SimTel/msdos/educatin/ Examines radiocarbon dating from a Biblical viewpoint. This program examines radiocarbon dating from a Biblical viewpoint, showing how various changes in the past may have affected radiocarbon dates. Effects of contamination and different C14/C12 ratios in the past, as well as the possible effects of changes in the Earth's magnetic field, the atmosphere and Noah's Flood. The documentation explains how radiocarbon dating works, in layman's terms, and shows examples of how these changes may have affected radiocarbon dates. Special requirements: None FreeWare. Uploaded by the author. Bruce Armstrong


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