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Index by volume of Origins Research (1978-1986) Code Field Key A = Article AR = Article Review BR = Book Review E = Editorial L = Letter N = Note Volume 1, Number 1 - January-February 1978 TITLE AUTHOR PG TYPE Students Dissatisfied with Evolution Dennis Wagner 1 A Debate Stirs Student Interest Dennis Wagner 1 A An Alternative Viewpoint Kutsch, Richard E. 5 A Radioactive Decay Rates and Pleochroic Halos 7 A Siberian Mammoths David Johannsen 2 AR Human Aggression David Johannsen 2 AR A Whale's Tail David Johannsen 2 AR Search for Life David Johannsen 3 AR Missing Moss David Johannsen 3 AR Missing Sunspots David Johannsen 3 AR Time Magazine (Puzzling Out Man's Ascent) David Johannsen 3 AR Pig Confusion David Johannsen 3 AR Volume 1, Number 2 - March-June 1978 TITLE AUTHOR PG TYPE Legal Study Condems Exclusive Teaching of Evol. Dennis Wagner 1 A Univ Develop Courses Comparing Creation-Evolution Steve Franco 1 A The Orgin of Human Speech and Hearing Mech. Part 1 Brian D Forquer 5 A The Earth: Young or Old Michael Orsillo 7 A Moon Magnetism David Johannsen 2 AR Missing Neutrino David Johannsen 2 AR Oldest Fossil Bird David Johannsen 2 AR Littlefoot David Johannsen 2 AR Radioactive Decay Rates and Pleochroic Halos R H Brown 3 L Radioactive Decay Rates and Pleochroic Halos Steven J. Connor 3 L Microevolution versus Macroevolution Bolton Davidheiser 3 L Volume 1, Number 3 - September-December 1978 TITLE AUTHOR PG TYPE Student Seminar Planned for Grand Canyon 1 A College Museum Displays Evidence for Creation John Treolo 1 A The Probability of Life from Non-life Terry Brown 5 A Origin of Human Speech and Hearing Mech. Part II Brian D Forquer 6 A Big Bang Shot Down David Johannsen 2 AR Earth's Age Debated David Johannsen 2 AR Origins Research Used in Course Teaching John N Moore 3 L Origins Research to be Required Reading in Class Kennard B Bork 3 L A Reply to Merritt McGahan Tim Personius 3 L Creation/Evolution: No Real Basis for Discussion Merritt W McGahan 3 L Volume 2, Number 1 - January-June 1979 TITLE AUTHOR PG TYPE Creation Convention Slated for August 12-15 1 A Board of Advisors Established 1 A Student Research Funds Available 1 A Anthropology Student Starts Museum Alison Cole 1 A The Green River Formation Lawrence S Lee 5 A Review of Theories Related to Evolution of Life Samuel Wilkerson 7 A Speaker Feature - Harold G Coffin 3 A Homo Who? David Johannsen 2 AR Advanced Marine Technology David Johannsen 2 AR Extraterrestial Life David Johannsen 2 AR Origins Research is a Welcomed Scientific Approach Alfred Richardson 3 L Armchair Scientists Carl R Carmein 3 L Research Bibliography Available 3 N Volume 2, Number 2 - September-October 1979 TITLE AUTHOR PG TYPE Balanced Treatment Bill Available Sharon Bogue 1 A Students Dismissed from Class for Challenging Evol 1 A Creation Model Prompts Energy Research Dennis Wagner 1 A Speaker Feature - Dr. Lane Lester Ph.D. Genetics 3 A The Scopes Trial and After Jay Hall 5 A The Impact of the Scopes Trial on Evolution Ellen Sunderland 7 A Did Scopes Really Teach Evolution? John N Moore 6 A Creation Evolves? David Johannsen 2 AR Bird Migration David Johannsen 2 AR Nonexpanding Universe David Johannsen 2 AR The Scopes Trial Revisted Dennis Wagner 2 E Volume 3, Number 1 - Spring 1980 TITLE AUTHOR PG TYPE Two Model Course Taught at Michigan State Dennis Wagner 1 A The Scientific Study of Creation 1 A Creation Workshop Held at Teachers' Convention 1 A Speaker Feature - Dr. R L Wysong Samuel Wolfe 3 A Radiocarbon Dating David Johannsen 4 A Re-exam of Role of Mutations and Natural Selection Lawrence R Davie 6 A Natural Selection Neutralized David Johannsen 2 AR Creation Countereffort David Johannsen 2 AR Campus Impact David Johannsen 2 AR Students Evaluate Two-Model Approach Dennis Wagner 2 E Scope Trial William J Tinkle 3 L Unbiased Course at SDSU W M Thwaites 3 L In All Fairness Geoffrey V Drew 3 L Uniformitarian Dogma Harold Willis 3 L 1980 Geology Tours 3 N Curriculum Enrichment Available for Educators Olive Fischbacher 3 N Volume 3, Number 2 - Fall 1980 TITLE AUTHOR PG TYPE PBS Promotes Evolutionary Philosophy Dennis Wagner 1 A Origin of Human Speech and Hearing Mech. Part III Brian D Forquer 6 A Methods of Teaching Origins Part I John N Moore 4 A Evolution and Superstition David Johannsen 2 AR Regan vs Darwin David Johannsen 2 AR The Hopeful Gould David Johannsen 3 AR How Not to Teach Origins: Case Study at Iowa State Dennis Wagner 2 E Don't Agree with OR, But Find it Interesting Vernon Bryson 3 L Origins Research is Educational and Interesting Lowell D Neudeck 3 L Would Like Bibliography on Origins for Class William F Miller 3 L Origins Reseach Will be Made Available to Students Karl D Fezer 3 L Descent with Modification is Well Documented Craig A Zimmerman 3 L Harvard Legal Study Available 1 N Volume 4, Number 1 - January-June 1981 TITLE AUTHOR PG TYPE CA Court Rules Textbooks May Not Teach Dogmat Evol Dennis Wagner 1 A Methods of Teaching Orgins Part II John N Moore 4 A Unified Creationist Public Education Policy Luther D Sunderland 6 A Saturn Report David Johannsen 6 AR Who Am I? David Johannsen 6 AR Macroevolution Conference David Johannsen 6 AR Precambrian Pseudofossils David Johannsen 6 AR Lumpy Cosmos David Johannsen 6 AR COSMOS - 13 weeks and 365 pages later... Dennis Wagner 2 E Correspondence Series: Efficiency of Pharnax George Howe 3 L Two Models - Two Views W Thwaites & F Awbrey 7 L Two Models - Two Views John N Moore 7 L Origins Research Used in Biology Classes Gordon L Chan 3 L Origins Research Used in the Classroom Monty Kester 3 L Origins Research is Very Informative Darwin O Coy 3 L Origins Research Highly Recommended D A Bradbury 3 L Carl Sagan and His Cosmos Pulpit Mike Smithwich 3 L Reaction at Last David Johannsen 6 N Creation Magazine 7 N New Two Model Filmstrip Available 7 N Volume 4, Number 2 - Fall 1981 TITLE AUTHOR PG TYPE Lawsuit Prospects Dim in AK, Bright in LA 1 A CRS to Fund Research Laboratory 1 A Unbiased Biology Textbook Planned 1 A Methods of Teaching Origins Part III John N Moore 4 A Creation Science and Separation of Church & State Wendell R Bird 6 A Correspondence Series: Pharynx Design George Howe 2 L Volume 5, Number 1 - Winter/Spring 1982 TITLE AUTHOR PG TYPE Prominent British Scientists Abandon Evolution Luther D Sunderland 1 A AAAS Sponsors Creation Symposium 1 A A Fair Presentation for Creation 1 A The Case of Polonium Radiohalos (Robert Gentry) Jim Melnick 4 A Methods of Teaching Origins Part IV John N Moore 6 A What Happened in Arkansas? Kevin Wirth 8 A Correspondence Series: The Purpose of Human Hair George Howe 10 A Testing the AAAS Symposium Dennis Wagner 2 E Scientific Integrity? Kevin Wirth 2 E Materialism or Science? Art Battson 2 E More Kinds of Species Laurie R Godfrey 3 L For the Record Walter Chiqinsky 3 L Willing to Discuss Jay Schieber 3 L Fossils at Turkana Kevin Wirth 10 MR Public School Films 3 N Inside Termites Kevin Wirth 10 N Fact and Theory Declining Kevin Wirth 10 N "CREVO" - A New Term Coined Kevin Wirth 10 N Volume 5, Number 2 - Fall/Winter 1982 TITLE AUTHOR PG TYPE Evolutionists Confront Creations at AAAS Sumposium Dennis Wagner 1 A Check List on Fallacies of Reasoning to be Avoided John N Moore 3 A Radioactive Halos/A Radiochronological Perspective David A Johannsen 5 A Ignorance Vs Knowledge by Robert Root-Bernstein Dennis Wagner 4 A Evolution Vs Design by William M Thwaites Art Battson 7 A Divine Design Frustrates Dr Thwaites' Design Robert E Kofahl 7 A Scientific Creationism by Duane Gish Jerry Kelley 8 A Science Educationn: Only the Best Ad-hoc Will Do Kevin Wirth 2 E Correspondence Series: How to Explain Human Hair George Howe 10 L Hair: Protection Against Heat Loss David Kaufman 10 L Hair in Human Has Function Robert Harris 10 L If Hair is Important, Why did Man Loose it? R E Byers 10 L A Continued Challenge For Evolutionists George F Howe 10 L Still Evolutionists Jay Hall 11 L Where Darwin Went Wrong Ellen Myers 11 L College Seminar on Origins Looks at Both Sides Kenneth S Saladin 11 L An Editorial Reply to Saladin 11 L Iowa St Library Collection on Evolution/Creation 6 N Play Manuscript Available 6 N Video Tape Series Available of AAAS Symposium 1982 9 N Volume 6, Number 1 - Spring/Summer 1983 TITLE AUTHOR PG TYPE Creation/Evolution Computer Research Report Avail. 1 A Speaker Feature - John N Moore Winifred Wheelan 7 A A Reply to Niles Eldredge Jerry Kelley 6 BR Unnecessary Concession John Clifton 3 L Philosophy Religion and Life Sciences Gordon P Macintire 3 L Disapproval of AAAS Symposium Alfred R Martin 3 L Same Standards for Creationists and Evolutionists Earl Aagaard 3 L What A Tale! David A Bradbury 3 L Reply to Dr Kofahl William Thwaites 3 L Correspondence Series: Vestigial Organs George Howe 6 L Decent with Modification Predicts Vestigial Organs Frank T Awbrey 6 L WANT ADS: SORNET Volunteers for CREVO/IMS Project 5 N Volume 6, Number 2 - Fall/Winter 1983 TITLE AUTHOR PG TYPE Correspondence Series: "Vestigial Organs" George Howe 1 A Coding Theory and "Vestigial" Organs Tom Pittman 3 A When is a Vestige not a "Vestige"? David A Kaufmann 4 A Do "Vestigial Organs" Provide Evidence for Evol.? S R Scadding 5 A A Proposal: Religious Beliefs & Science Education Robert E Kofahl 10 A Lungfishes, Tetrapods, Paleontology & Plesiomorphy Peter Gordon 10 AR Abusing Science by Philip Kitcher Peter Gordon 7 BR Genetic Takeover by A.G. Cairns-Smith Peter Gordon 10 BR Video Tape of Robert Kofahl Lecture Available David Lavin 11 N Volume 7, Number 1 - Spring/Summer 1984 TITLE AUTHOR PG TYPE 'Once in a Lifetime' Exhibit at American Museum Peter Gordon 1 A Imagination, Fact or Fantasy? Kevin Wirth 2 A Systematics and Fossil Evidence (Cracraft at AAAS) David Johannesn 6 A Correspondence on Proposal for Science Robert Kofahl 8 A A Proposal: Religious Beliefs & Science (Revised) Robert Kofahl 8 A The Panda's Thumb Revisited Peter Gordon 12 A Semantics and Origins Studies Jay Hall 13 A The Creationist Cover-up Patterson & Schadewald 3 L A Reply to Patterson & Schadewald Jerry Bergman 3 L CREVO/IMS Expanded: Computer Listing 1,400 books 1 N Louisiana Trial 4 N How to Teach Origins Dennis Wagner 4 N Creation Film Series Available Dennis Wagner 5 N Volume 7, Number 2 - Fall/Winter 1984 TITLE AUTHOR PG TYPE Correspondence Series: Vestigial Organs Revisited George Howe 1 A A Call for Dialogue Kevin Wirth 2 A Origin of Life: The Necessity of Extrinsic Info Art Battson 4 A The Evidence Says No! George W Crombie 8 A Reply to Crombie's "Designer Genes?" Tom Pittman 9 A Another Programmer's View of Designer Genes Richard Thompson 10 A Stratigraphic Distribution of Fossil Organisms James Monroe, D Johannsen 11 A Debate Report: University of Texas May 6, 1983 Jonathan T Quincy 13 A Industrial Melanism: Evolution or Toxicological R E Byers 15 A Enzymic Editing Mechanisms by Lambert and Grant Peter Gordon 4 AR Evolutionary Problem Peter Gordon 4 AR Monophyletic Evolution Robbed Peter Gordon 4 AR Chemical Evolution: Explanation of Current Ideas Mark Dwinell 5 BR Mystery of Life's Origin (Thaxton, Bradley, Olsen) Dean H Kenyon 5 BR The Thrill of Good Science by Rom Harre Peter Gordon 5 BR Highlight of this Issue: Dialogue Dennis Wagner 2 E More on Panda's Thumb N L Armstrong 3 L Communicating the Issues Micah Leo 3 L View Misrepresented Stephen D Tynor 3 L Index of CRSQ Available Kevin Wirth 1 N Court to Decide on Summary Judgement for LA Law 4 N Origin of Life-Necessity of Extrinsic Info (video) 12 N Volume 8, Number 1 - Spring/Summer 1985 TITLE AUTHOR PG TYPE Correspondence Series: Fetal Baleen Whale Teeth George Howe 1 A Closer Look at "Reviews of 31 Creationist Books" Dave Johannsen and Staff 2 A Will the Real Creation Model Please Stand UP? Frederick Edwords 6 A Response to Edwords N Geisler & K Anderson 7 A Plant Vestiges: An Argument from Silence George Howe 10 A SOR Responds to Edwards, Geisler and Anderson SOR Staff 11 A Science Contra Darwin by Sharon Begley Peter Gordon 5 AR Did the Universe Start Out Structured? (Schneider) Peter Gordon 5 AR Agnostic Evolutionists by Tom Bethell Peter Gordon 5 AR Evolution's Missing Evidence by Rachel Flick Peter Gordon 5 AR Evolution and 'Evolution'-Theory by Alfred Locker Peter Gordon 5 AR Age of the Earth Part II by Frederic R Howe Peter Gordon 5 AR Elusive Scientific Basis of Creat. by Scott & Cole Peter Gordon 5 AR Natural Limits to Biol. Change by Lester & Bohlin Peter Gordon 4 BR Real Creation Models Don't Eat Quiche Dennis Wagner 2 E Origins Problem not Scientific John N Moore 3 L Central Issues Obscured John D Goodman 3 L Volume 8, Number 2 - Fall/Winter 1985 TITLE AUTHOR PG TYPE Molecular Evolution or Bust Mark Dwinell 1 A Did Humans and Dinosaurs Live Together in TX? No! John R Cole 6 A Did Humans & Dinosaurs Live Together in TX? Maybe. John W DeVilbiss 8 A Correspondence Series: Baleen Fetal Teeth Howe, Sillman, Kaufmann 13 A The Transformist Illusion by Douglas Dewer (exerpt) 14 A Protein with a Particular Function by Paul Erbrick Peter Gordon 4 AR Making Better Planetary Rings by Richard Kerr Peter Gordon 4 AR Life Arisen in Primitive Atmosphere? by Scherer Peter Gordon 4 AR Improb of Prebiotic Nucleic Acid Synth by Shapiro Peter Gordon 4 AR Darwins' Enigma by Luther D Sunderland Peter Gordon 4 AR Creation and Evolution by Alan Hayward Peter Gordon 4 BR Evolution: A Theory in Crisis by Michael Denton Peter Gordon 4 BR What was all the Fuss About? by Richard Dawkins Peter Gordon 4 BR Scientists Confront Creationism by Laurie Godfrey Tracy W Walters 5 BR The Bone Peddlers by William R Fix Peter Gordon 15 BR Time to Set Back the Molecular Clock Dennis Wagner 2 E Two General Models, Three Possible Mechanisms Luther Sunderland 3 L Same Problem in Greece Apostoslos CH Frangos 3 L Darwin on Evolution of the Eye: the Full Context Mark Wilson, H S Hamilton 12 L Sample Publications Available 2 N Volume 9, Number 1 - Spring/Summer 1986 TITLE AUTHOR PG TYPE The Taylor Site "Man Tracks" Glen J Kuban 1 A Review of ICR Impact Article 151 Glen J Kuban 10 A Follow up on the Paluxy Mystery John Morris 14 A Footprints in Stone: The Current Situation Films for Christ Assoc. 15 A Tests of the Theory of Natural Selection by Manly Peter Gordon 5 AR A New Paradigm for Evolution by Ho, Saunders & Fox Peter Gordon 5 AR Ontogeny; and the Hierarchy of Type by O. Rieppel Peter Gordon 5 AR On Rereading Edmund Halley by Stephen J Gould Peter Gordon 5 AR Evolution as a Religion by Mary Midgley Peter Gordon 5 BR Trial and Error by Edward J Larson Peter Gordon 5 BR Evolution as Entropy by Daniel Brooks & E O Wiley Peter Gordon 5 BR Religion/Science Controversy by Sherman Kanagy, II Peter Gordon 5 BR Evolution: A Theory in Crisis by Michael Denton Peter Gordon 6 BR New Evidence at Paluxy Dennis Wagner 2 E Materialistic Creationism? Philip Eichman 2 L Supernatural vs Abrupt Origins John R Spengler 2 L Darwins' Enigma Defended Luther D Sunderland 3 L An Insignificant Difference John R Hadd 3 L Peter Gordon Replies! Peter Gordon 3 L ACLU Policy Statement Bill Meikle 4 L Protein Anomalies Expected Francis J Arduini 4 L A Prospector's Analogy Ronnie J Hastings 4 L Even - Keeled H S Hamilton 4 L Enjoyed the Last Issue Brian Forquer 4 L Monograph Available: Texas Man Track Controversy Glen J Kuban 13 N Dinosaur Extinction Theories! Catastrophism Peter Gordon 5 NC International Conference on Creationism Peter Gordon 5 NC Volume 9, Number 2 - Fall/Winter 1986 TITLE AUTHOR PG TYPE The Paradox of Natural Selection Arthur L Battson III 1 A Does Thermodynamics Demand Supernatural Origins? John W Patterson 7 A A Reply to John Patterson's Scientific Arguments Tracy Walters 8 A A Reply to Patterson's Philosophical Arguments Peter Gordon 9 A Thermodynamics and Probability by John Patterson Jerry Kelley 11 A A Tutorial: Non-Equilibrium Thermodynamics Jerry Kelley 13 A On the Nature of Disorder Jerry Kelley 14 A Nuclear & Mitochondrial DNA by Vawter & Brown Peter Gordon 4 AR CREVO Controversy: Student Opinions by Zimmerman Peter Gordon 5 AR Danger: Analogies Ahead by Norman MacBeth Peter Gordon 4 BR The Blind Watchmaker by Richard Dawkins Peter Gordon 4 BR A Creationist View of Chromosome Banding by Gibson Peter Gordon 4 BR Face on Mars: Lost Civilization? by Randolfo Pozos Peter Gordon 5 BR God and Nature by David Lindberg & Ronald Numbers Peter Gordon 5 BR The Galileo Connection by Charles Hummel Tracy Walters 5 BR Into the Fire Mark Hartwig 2 E "Creation - Science" Booth Paul McDorman 2 L


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