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Tapes of Missouri Association for Creation Meetings Now Available Missed recent M.A.C. meetings? Unable to attend? Well, we've got the answer to these problems: an audio cassette tape! Since April 1986 we've been taping our lectures and are making them available at the very reasonable price of $3.00 each including postage. Introduction to the Controversy, 4/21/86. Dr. David Menton & Destin LeBlanc. Topics: historical perspective and origins of evolutionary thought, the nature of science & scientific evidence, and the religious nature of evolution. Basic Evidences, 5/19/86. Dr. David Menton & Destin LeBlanc. Topics: design in nature, homology, embryonic recapitulation, vestigal organs, variation in nature, and the second law of thermodynamics. Fossils: What They Tell Us about Creation/Evolution, 6/16/86. Walter Stumper. Topics: what fossils are, how fossils are formed, the geological column, and the importance of fossils to creationists and evolutionists. Our Earth: Young or Old?, 7/21/86. Dr. Fredric Kinne. Topics: different methods for calculating both a young and an old age of the earth, assumptions involved, radiometric dating (carbon dating), and the importance of an old earth to evolutionists. Philosophical & Scientific Implications of Origin of Life, 8/18/86. Dr. Olen R. Brown. Topics: chemical evolution, methods and assumptions in "origin of life" experiments, spontaneous generation, and other topics. Origin of Species: Mutations and Genetic Change?, 9/15/86. Dr. David Menton. Topics: species and the Biblical kind, natural selection, mechanisms of speciation, and the fossils evidence for speciation. Origin of Man: Ape or Image?, 10/20/86. Dr. David Menton. Topics: missing links, hoaxes, differences between men and apes, and the actual evidence. The Relevance and Implications of Creation, 12/15/86. Ellen Meyers. A fascination discussion of the importance of creation in all areas: art, literature, music, philosophy, psychology, etc. Includes brief examples. A lecture that affirms "we are well able to take the land!" Aspects of Biblical Creationism, 6/15/87. Destin LeBlanc. Topics: the Gap theory, six days or six periods, theistic evolution, the Water Canopy theory, and other topics relating to Genesis, the Noachian flood, and creation. What About the Dinosaurs?, 10/19/87. Destin LeBlanc. A summary and overview of what dinosaurs are, the various types, and other aspects of their existence. This talk is a summary of what evolutionists claim they know about dinosaurs. Inherit the Wind vs. The Scopes "Monkey" Trial : Drama As Propaganda In the Creation-Evolution Debate, 10/22/87. Dr. David Menton. A critical examination of the the play and movie "Inherit the Wind" comparing them to the actual events they "represent." The critique is thorough and devasting, showing that both the play and movie are deliberate propaganda intended to malign Bible believing Christians and creation. *************************************** Origins Talk RBBS * (314) 821-1078 FidoNet 1:100/435 Christian Fellowship Net 8:3006/28 Missouri Association for Creation, Inc. 405 North Sappington Road Saint Louis, Missouri 63122-4729 (314) 821-1234


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