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+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Information about the electronic publisher for this electronic version of Imprimis, On Line +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ This electronic version was made possible through a personal arrangement with the Managing Editor of Imprimis and the President of Applied Foresight, Inc. (R.H. Martin) who packages and distributes this electronic version of Imprimis as a charitable free-of-charge service. Address: Applied Foresight, Inc., P.O. Box 20607, Bloomington, Minnesota USA 55420. Compuserve ID: 71510,1042. Applied Foresight, Inc. also publishes ShareDebate International (ISSN 1054-0695), a diskette-magazine. Formerly a shareware semi-annual magazine, it is now copyrighted freeware ever since the double-disk issue #7-8. Between 550 to 1,450 listed Bulletin Boards (BBSs) or Shareware dealers in 25 countries distribute the magazine. It is an international debate forum--over 25 debate topics now--for computer users concerned about the present and the future, carrying non-fiction & fiction, original and reprints. PAST AUTHORS IN SHAREDEBATE INTERNATIONAL Doug Bandow, Cato senior fellow, syndicated columnist; George Benston, Economist & Professor (Contributor to Public Interest & other journals); Ben Bova (President, SF Writers of America; former editor of OMNI & Analog; former President, National Space Society); Warren T. Brookes, deceased, famous newspaper columnist for the Detroit News and author of The Economy in Mind; Stuart M. Butler, V.P., Heritage Foundation; Milton Friedman, Nobel laureate; GEnie management; George Gilder (author & regular contributor to Forbes, Wall Street Journal & the National Review); Paula Goldman, Attorney-Sysop; Rt.Lt.General Daniel Graham (Director, High Frontier Inc. & Assoc. Ed., J. of Practical Applications in Space); George Kaufman, Economist & Professor (Contributor to Public Interest & other journals); Victor Koman, Prometheus award-winning SF author; Paul Levinson (Author & Director, New School On-Line Program); Libertarian Party; Dr. Christopher Lyon, M.D.; Roleigh Martin, ShareDebate International editor; Douglas Ostrom (Japan Economic Institute); Policy Review Magazine -- letters to the editor from 25 doctors and medical experts on health care; Jerry Pournelle, SF author & computer columnist (for Byte & InfoWorld); Republican Liberty Caucus; The League for Programming Freedom; Sheldon L. Richman (writer for The Free Market); Murray Rothbard, Libertarian economist; J.Neil Schulman, Prometheus award-winning SF author; Thomas E. Smith (writer for National Review, Analog, Go Global); L.Neil Smith, award-winning SF author; Joseph Sobran, syndicated columnist; Masanobu Taniguchi, former Japanese journalist, alumni- Columbia University (M.A., International Affairs) Dr. Tim Urell, D.O.; Sam Wells, contributor to The Freeman; As a convenience to those without modems or to those with modems who don't want to download nearly 2MB of existing magazines, back issues are available on diskette. The content is freeware but diskettes, postage, packaging, and handling isn't. To get it free one has to obtain it from the multitude of no-charge BBSs that carry it. Any of the 22,000 Fidonet have access to SDN files although they all might carry them, and even then they may only carry the current year's worth of files. Others places to try are any BBS that carries the latest PC-SIG CD ROM (disk #s 2121, 2260, 2390, 2749, 2750, 2753); BIX (IBM.UTILS filearea); or GEnie (IBMPC RT Applications library). Search for the filename pattern, DBATE*.*. As of this date, all of these carry the first 8 issues. PC-SIG has or will shortly release issues 7-8. The POLITICS forum on Compuserve carries most if not all of the issues as of issue 9. (Note: issue 12's addendum- -DBATE013--isn't carried on Compuserve as it only contained Clinton's legislation for his Health Act which is otherwise available in POLITICS.) Special back-issue deal for owners of an IBM PC/compatible or Macintosh (who MUST have be able to read 1.44 MB diskettes). Reference this filename and where you obtained it, and for $25, you will get all the existing issues of ShareDebate International. As a freebie, you'll also get 1992 and 1993 back issues of Imprimis Online, a copyrighted freeware electronic publication packaged by Applied Foresight for Hillsdale College, the publisher of the paper-based 500,000 circulated Imprimis. Indicate the highest capacity diskette you can take and whether you have a hard disk or not. Canadians, add $2; International orders, add $5. Pay in US $ against a US bank. Visa/MC accepted (include expiration date & name as it appears on the card). MN residents add 6.5 % sales tax. 2 to 6 weeks delivery time. EMAIL orders accepted. Write or Email to the Applied Foresight, Inc. address given above. (Mac users have to have the 1.44 MB diskette because Mac users are actually serviced on an IBM computer that uses the Mac-n-DOS software which can only format and read/write with 1.44 diskettes.) Mac users need to have in their possession already an UNZIP utility capable of handling version 1.1 and 2.04g versions of PKZIP files -- such utilities are widely available on MAC BBSs -- if you don't have an UNZIP utility, then please don't order the MAC version of ShareDebate International. Note: ShareDebate International did not publish any Issues in 1992, so there are only the 1990, 1991 & 1993 issues available. Hillsdale College & Imprimis are not affiliated in any manner with ShareDebate International. ### +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ LICENSE TO DISTRIBUTE AND USE THIS FREEWARE VERSION OF IMPRIMIS +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Redistribution of Imprimis, On Line is encouraged. Please do share it with your friends, upload it to bulletin board systems, etc. However, as this magazine is made available for you free of charge, that does not mean that it is free of usage restrictions. What follows is the current license to distribute and use it. Although Imprimis, On Line is copyright-protected, it is freeware and you may distribute issues of the magazine freely on a non-exclusive basis without additional written permission as long as you abide by all of the following restrictions: The program shall be supplied in its original, unmodified form, which includes this documentation. A few minor deviations are allowed: You are permitted to add a standard "header" file or (in the case of a BBS archive distribution) a standard "header" archive comment which limits itself to (a) a short ad for your company and/or (b) a standard get-started file used with all of your distributions. You are permitted to use high density diskettes and to include more than one issue of Imprimis, On Line per diskette. If you use diskettes to distribute your offerings, you are permitted to bundle Imprimis, On Line issues on the same diskette(s) that contain material made by others only if you include a "" file that explains that the other files on the diskette are unrelated to and unknown to Imprimis and Hillsdale College. No fee may be charged for the magazine content, although you may charge whatever fee you want for the blank diskette, formatting, copying, packaging, BBS-general-access charges, distribution and mailing involved. It must be obvious to the customer that they are not being charged for the magazine, but rather for the above handling/shipping costs. Unless you have personalized written permission from Applied Foresight, Inc. (AFI hereafter), Imprimis or Hillsdale College (Imprimis hereafter), you may not assert that (a) you have made special arrangements with AFI or Imprimis to distribute this file or (b) that AFI or Imprimis endorses your organization or any other product that you're involved with. You're not required to, but we request that if you distribute Imprimis, On Line, to please provide AFI with your full address and if you can afford it, material showing how you "carry" Imprimis, On Line (diskette copy, brochure, catalog, or print-screens in the case of a BBS). There is no need for (a) those BBSs to whom R.H. Martin or AFI upload to, and (b) to those BBSs who carry SDN shareware. This distribution license only applies to the AFI- produced freeware version of Imprimis. Contact Hillsdale College for information about distributing copies of the free paper version of Imprimis. ###


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