(C) copyright 1991 Missouri Association for Creation, Inc. The following short reviews/rep

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(C) copyright 1991 Missouri Association for Creation, Inc. The following short reviews/reports of creationist publications and related periodicals, appeared in M.A.C. News #11, Oct. 1985. It is by no means complete but will be up-dated regularly (when possible!) in the near future...Walt (10/87) Acts & Facts, V14, #9, Sept '85. [Institute for Creation Research, 2100 Greenfield Dr, El Cajon, CA, 92021. Donald Rohrer, managing editor. 8 pp.--half size. Monthly. Free. Extra copies at 12 cents ea (includes Impact series).] Newsletter of ICR activities & publishing news (Master Books) with occasional reports of other organizations & activities. This issue: a review of Dr. Morris' new book, Creation and the Modern Christian; an obituary of Canadian creationist leader, Dr. Earl Hallonquist; a column on international news; debate reports; ICR speaker schedule; short progress report on ICR's Noah's Ark expedition; and log of ICR's "Science, Scripture, & Salvation" radio program. Impact 147, ICR Fifteen Years In A Unique Mission, 1970-1985 by Henry M. Morris. Sept '85. [ICR, 2100 Greenfield Dr, El Cajon, CA, 92021. 4 pp.-- half size. Monthly. Free. Additional copies 10 cents each. Comes w/Acts & Facts.] Impact is ICR's series of articles on creation/evolution ranging from the biblical to the scientific. The articles are well written & prove useful as handouts, particularly since each Impact is concise & to the point. This issue: Dr. Morris' annual report & overview of a decade & a half of ICR activities. Creation Social Science and Humanities Quarterly, V7, #4, Summer '85. [CSSHS, 1429 N. Holyoke, Wichita, Kansas 67208. Dr. Paul D. Ackerman, editor. 34 pp.--half size. Quarterly. $12/4 issues which includes membership. $15/4 issues for non-members & institutions.] Without a doubt, CSSSH Quarterly is one of the best & most unique creationist journals. The strong biblical creationist emphasis on the social sciences & humanities, i.e. literature, music, art, etc, is found nowhere else. This issue: "The Top That Reeled" by Paul Ackerman (evidence of the earth's axis tilting 4000 yrs ago); "A Synthetic Interpretation of A North American Indian Flood Account: The Ark Upon A Rock" by Ross S. Marshall; "Mythology, the Bible and the Postflood Origins of Greek History" by Roy L. Hales; "Huang Ti Chinese Writing and the Postflood Settlement of China" by Roy L. Hales; and a review of Eternity In Their Hearts (Don Richardson) by Diane Powell. Origins, V12, #1, '85. [Geoscience Research Institute, Loma Linda University, Loma Linda, CA, 92350. Ariel A. Roth, editor. 56 pp.--half size. Biannual. $4/2 issues. Single copies $2.50 each.] Beautiful full color wrap-around covers have recently graced Origins. This issue: "Amino Acid Dating" by R. H. Brown; "An Evaluation of the Numerical Variants of the Chronogenealogies of Genesis 5 and 11" by Paul J. Ray, Jr.; "Are Millions of Years Required To Produce Biogenic Sediments in the Deep Ocean?" by Ariel Roth; two book reviews; and an excellent editorial by Ariel Roth. Creation Science Dialogue, V12, #2, June '85, Summer issue. [Creation Science Assoc of Alberta, Box 9075, Station E, Edmondton, Alberta T5P 4K1, Canada. Ronald Bellamy, editor. 8 pp. Quarterly. $2/4 issues.] Report on Steve Austin's Canadian tour; articles by Margaret Helder on living fossils & stromatolites; and a book review of Thomas Barnes' Physics of the Future by Brad Dye. C.S. Dialogue is Canada's oldest creationist journal. Creation Ex Nihilo, V7, #4, June '85. [Creation Science International, PO Box 18339, Tucson, AZ, 85731. John Mackay, chief editor. 48 pp. Quarterly. $15/4 issues w/regular membership & includes newsletter. Other degrees of memberships also available.] Well produced journal with a very informal, approachable style. Articles this issue include: a critique of the gap theory by Ken Ham; an interview w/John Morris on searching for Noah's Ark; Dr. Gary Parker on new views about how evolution might occur; "The Religious Nature of Evolution Theory and Its Attack on Christianity" by John Leslie & Charles Pallaghy; and other short articles on education, history, and what I call "design" articles. Also includes cartoons, photos, letters page, news, & other items. Excellent publication for the lay person. Produced in Australia. Creation Science Prayer News, V2, #4, Sept '85. [See above for address & subscription info. 4 pp. Every six weeks if you're a "Full" member or every twelve weeks if a "Regular" member.] A rather sparse issue with news of Ken Ham & John Mackay's U.S. tour, notes on a new correspondence course, & a request for funds to support the heavily subsidized Creation Ex Nihilo. Origins Research, V8, #1, Spring/Summer '85. [Students for Origins Research, PO Box 203, Goleta, CA. 93116. Dennis Wagner, editor. 12 pp.-- newspaper format. Biannual. $2 for a 2 issue sub or $15 for a membership] If you want to see on going dialogues between creationists & evolutionists, Origins Research is a must buy. This issue: "Are the Vanishing Teeth of Fetal Baleen Whales Useless?" by George Howe (vestigial organs article); "Will the Real Creation Model Please Stand Up?" by atheistic evolutionist Frederick Edwords (editor of the anti-creationist Creation/Evolution Journal); "Response to Edwords" by Norman Geisler & Kerby Anderson (Probe Ministries); "Plant Vestiges: An Argument From Silence" by George Howe; Peter Gordon's regular report on articles about the controversy; and several very good book reviews. This publication is excellent for handing out on secular college & university campuses. Journal of the American Scientific Affiliation. V37, #3, Sept '85. [American Scientific Affiliation, Box J, Ipswich, MA. 01938. Wilbur L. Bullock, editor. 64 pp. Quarterly. $35/4 for members. $26/4 for institutions & those not subscribing to the statement of faith. $14 for full-time students.] A wide variety of articles, with a strong leaning towards theistic evolution & progressive creationism. The editor takes a "plague on both your houses" approach to creationists and evolutionists. Creation Research Society Quarterly. V22, #2, Sept '85. [Creation Research Society, PO Box 14016, Terre Haute, IN. 47803. Emmett L. Williams, editor. 48 pp. Quarterly. $15/year voting membership, $10/year student & senior citizen membership, or $18/year institutional & those not subscribing to statement of faith.] The best scholarly journal on the Biblical & scientific evidences for creation & against evolution. This issue: "The Retina of the Eye--An Evolutionary Road Block" by H.S. Hamilton; pt 2 of "Archaeology and the Antiquity of Ancient Civilization: A Conflict with Biblical Chronology?" by Stan Vaninger (can't help but mention Stan is a local M.A.C. member!); "Origin of the Kaibab Squirrel" by John R. Meyer; "Perspectives on the Origin of Mitochondria" by Terrance L. Smith & Colin Brown; "Subparticles and Realism In Quantum Theories" by Robert A. Herrmann; and numerous letters & book reviews. George Howe also pays tribute to Professor Harold Lewis Armstrong, editor of the C.R.S. Quarterly for ten years, who died earlier this year. Bible-Science Newsletter, V23, #9, Sept '85. [Bible Science Association, 2911 East 42nd St, Minneapolis, MN. 55406. Paul A. Bartz, editor. 16 pp-- newspaper format. Monthly. $11/12 issues or $17 for membership in B.S.A. Includes Contrast--see next item.] This newsletter has steadily improved over the years & until it is now a solid creationist publication. "Fundamentalism and the Creation-Evolution Debate" by John N. Moore; tribute to Earl Hallonquist by George Pearce; guest editorial by J. Richard Pearcey: "Archaeopteryx and the Gang of Three" (which is really six); "What's In A Name?--Taxonomy and the Genesis 'Kinds'" by Nancy Pearcey (who ranks with Ellen Meyers as one of the best writers among creationists!); "Clippings" by Bill Talty (which would be more useful if references were provided); & several other regular features about the current state of the creation/evolution controversy. Contrast, V4, #5, Sept-Oct '85. [Available from Bible Science Association. Paul A. Bartz, editor. 4 pp.--newspaper format. Bi-monthly. $5/6 issues. 50 cents single copies.] This is B.S.A.'s publication without the Biblical emphasis, which should make it suitable for distribution in public schools. This issue: "What Does Molecular Biology Really Tell Us?" by William Cooper; "A Piece of Humble Pie" by Jerry Bergman (a plea for tolerance in the origins debate); editorial by J. Richard Pearcey: "Can Evolutionists Live With Doubt?"; and "Points of Interest," a more indepth report of current events in the origins debate. Issues & Answers, V8, #7, Sept '85. [Student Action for Christ, PO Box 608, Herrin, IL. 62948. Bill Jack, ed. 8 pp.--newspaper format. Monthly. $6/10.] An excellent newspaper for use in Jr-Hi & high schools. This paper regularly features interviews with Christian athletes (this issue: baseball Cardinals Van Slyke & Horton), movie & book reviews, a regular science column (almost always on creation/evolution issues), education column, comic strip, & news, all from a totally Christian perspective. Highly recommended for their strong stand on creation. SCP Newsletter, V11, #2, Summer '85. [Spiritual Counterfeits Project, PO Box 4308, Berkeley, CA. 94704. Robert Burrows, ed. 24 pp. Quarterly. Available by request but best send a donation.] The Spiritual Counterfeits Project is one of the finest Christian organizations exposing and analyzing what is termed "spiritual counterfeits" or more commonly known as cults. Recent issues have focused on the New Age movement, Eastern mysticism, & the human potential movement while also revealing their humanistic foundation. As these movements have begun to influence science & scientists, the SCP has issued critical reviews & analysis. They stand opposed to evolution & humanism. Creation Evidences From the Paluxy, April '85. [Creation Evidences Museum, PO Box 309, Glen Rose, TX 76043. Martha Baugh, ed. 4 pp.--half size. Irregular. Available by request (?) or donation.] Newsletter of Rev. Baugh's excavations & museum activities in Texas. Very short items on his findings of dinosaur & human footprints & other discoveries. Not very informative this issue. C.S.A. News, Oct '85. [Creation Science Assoc. for Mid-America, Rt #1, Box 247B, Cleveland, MO. 64734. ?, editor. 4 pp. Monthly. Available by request (?) or membership: $17 yr.] Newsletter of M.A.C.'s sister organization in Kansas City. Includes: news of the up-coming Ken Ham & John Mackay tour in the K.C. area; notes of future meetings; and an article by Roy Holt, "From Monkeys, Apes, and Ape-like Creatures", which discusses Darwin's belief that man descended from apes. Includes quotes from Darwin's writings. The Creationist, Winter '84. [Baltimore Creation Fellowship, PO Box 356, Perry Hall, MD. 21128. Wayne Hollyoak, ed. 4 pp. Irregular. No price or membership listed.] Newsletter of Baltimore's creationist group. This issue: a short biography of local creationist Dr. Bruce Schrier; a brief design article on the woodpecker; crossword puzzle; & meeting info. Also attached is a list of audio cassette tapes for sale. Creation-Science Report, Feb '84. [Creation Science Research Center, PO Box 23195, San Diego, CA 92123. Kelly Seagraves, editor (?). 4 pp. Irregular. No price.] This issue (picked up at the Natl. Bible Science Conference in Aug '84) contains short reports on U.N.E.S.C.O., the N.E.A., the textbook battle in Texas, & some creation/evolution news. Creation Science Association of Ontario Newsletter, V7, #1, June 1, '85. [C.S.A. of Ontario, Box 821, Station A, Scarborough, ON, M1K 5C8, Canada. Lynn Binskin, editor. 12 pp. Irregular. Membership is a little complex, but $8 will get you a regular membership.] Judging from this issue, Canadian creationists are very active. The June issue contains several short, interesting articles: "The Significance of Fossil Fish" by Byron C. Nelson (from Deluge Story in Stone); a design article, "The Orchid Bee-- Bucket Orchid Relationship" by Dr. Grant Lambert; "Jonah" by Ken Binskin; and a report on a Royal Ontario Museum display titled "A Hypothesis Is Never True." The Rutherford Institute, V1, #6, Nov/Dec '84. [Rutherford Institute, PO Box 510, Manassas, VA 22110. Rebecca Beane, editor. 12 pp. Bimonthly (?). Free or for a contribution.] Formed in 1984, the Rutherford Institute is headed by John W. Whitehead, and concentrates on defending Christians from religious persecution and their free speech rights in public places such as schools and universities. In this issue: "Fulfilling the Cultural Mandate" by Dr. James Kennedy; "The Christian Duty of Political Involvement" by John Whitehead; & news of cases the Institute is currently involved in or has successful defended. This is THE answer to the A.C.L.U. Probe Profile, Spring '85. [Probe Ministries Intl., 1900 Firman Drive, Ste. 100, Richardson, TX 75081. Jim Williams, editor. 4 pp. Quarterly. No price but probably by request or contribution.] This issue: news of their Mt. Ararat/Noah's Ark project; an article on Probe's Kerby Anderson (author of Fossils In Focus); and a report on speaking activities at Gettysburg College by Probe staff. Probe sponsors forums on U.S. campuses (and other countries?) that concentrate on presenting the Christian perspective to students. They stand opposed to evolution. Creation: The Journal of the Creation Science Movement, V3, #9, March '85. [Creation Science Movement, 50 Brecon Ave, Cosham, Portsmouth, PO6 2AW, England. (?) editor. 8 pp.--half size. Quarterly. No price or membership listed.] Includes news of British activities such as conferences, debates, & creationist book translations. Particularly useful are the reviews of two widely circulated & respected British science journals, New Scientist & Nature by John V. Collyer. He provides an excellent service by extracting & commenting on items of interest to creationists from these journals. Also enclosed with this issue are two pamphlets: "Why I Believe In Creation" by Newman Watts (an abridged version published earlier as #11) & "The Biological Macroevolutionary Origins Model Is Not A 'Scientific Theory'" (#241) by Dr. George Howe. North American Creation Movement Newsletter #34, June '85. [N. A. Creation Movement, 1556 Arrow Road, Victoria, B.C., Canada, V8N 1C5. Dennis Burrows, editor. 6 pp. Irregular. $4 per yr.] This issue: "State of the Controversy in North America" by Burrows (?); and Abe Enns reviews "Chemical Evolution-Some Difficulties" by John Peet (from the Victorian Institutes' journal, Faith & Thought.) Also included is an 8 pp. enclosure: "Plea For An Open Mind Concerning the Age of the Earth, Pt 2, Genesis 1" by Dennis Burrows. The Foundation Rationale, V1, #1 & V1, #2. [Foundation for Thought and Ethics, PO Box 830721, Richardson, TX 75083. (?) editor. 4 pp. each. Irregular. 5-10, 75 cents each; 11-25, 65 cents each.] Basically a one article publication intended as a handout. (See quantity pricing.) First issue: "Why All the Fuss About Evolution and Creation?" by Charles Thaxton & Jon Buell and the second issue: "If We Teach Creation, Why Not A Flat Earth Too?" also by Thaxton and Buell. Both articles are strong defenses of creationism, although the authors are old-age creationists. Thaxton is the co-author of "Mystery of Life's Origin," an excellent assault on evolutionary chemical origin of life theories. High Sierra Creation Fellowship Newsletter, Jan-Mar '85. [High Sierra Creation Fellowship, PO Box 1512, Bishop, CA 93514. Dave Babb, editor. 6 pp. Quarterly. Free.] This issue news of their expansion in the High Sierra area; a report of Larry Moseley's trip to the ICR Museum; update on ICR's Mt. Ararat/Noah's Ark project; and short (from a couple of paragraphs to 1 page) articles: "Noah's Ark and The Flood" by Dave Babb; "Geological Processes" by Leonard Jolley; "Catastrophism and the Fossil Record" by Larry Moseley; and "Humanism: The Subtle 'Religion' That Rejects God." Genesis and Geology Museum News, V1, #1, May '85. [Genesis & Geology, Inc., PO Box 682, West Yellowstone, MT, 59758. George Sharpe, editor. 4 pp.-half size. Irregular. Free or for contribution.] I've not heard of this museum before (first opened June '84), but from this newsletter I gather they are developing a good creationist museum. A flier dated Aug 23, '85 indicated they are in the position of purchasing (provided funds can be raised) a 4200 square foot building next to a new 7-unit shopping complex in the heart of West Yellowstone. Creation Science Legal Defense Fund Letter, various dates. [C.S.L.D.F., 1200 N. Market St., Ste J, Shreveport, LA 71107. (?) editor. 2 pp. w/inserts. More or less monthly. Free or with contribution.] The format is that of a letter to readers (a nice informal style), but doesn't allow for any substantial information about the C.S.L.D.F.'s work. The efforts of the Legal Defense Fund would perhaps be better appreciated if they published a regular newsletter. (Give us more indepth reports of the legal battles in the creation/evolution controversy!) Science Frontiers, #40, Jul-Aug '85. [Sourcebook Project, PO Box 107, Glen Arm, MD 21057. William Corliss, ed. 4 pp. Also includes: Anomaly Book News, 4 pp; and listings of books they recommend & sell, in addition to those they publish. Bi-monthly. Available by request or with book purchase.] Creationists would do well to avail themselves of this newsletter. Bill covers and reports on the growing area of anomalies that science (and evolution) are currently unable to explain. The result is a wealth of information creationists are unaware of, but would find useful. He also recommends and sells creationist books and anti-evolution books by non-creationists. SOR Bulletin, V1, #'s 1-3, Jan, Apr, & Aug '85. [Students for Origins Research, PO Box 203, Goleta, CA 93116. Peter Gordon, ed. 4 pp ea, except for #3--2 pp. 4 (?) times a year. Available with SOR membership--$15 a year] Includes: news of SOR's computer creation/evolution database-- CREVO/IMS; and Peter Gordon's excellent survey of the scientific literature concerning creation and evolution. Let's hope SOR can keep this bulletin going (and increase the page count), I'd like to see more of Gordon. Reason & Revelation, V5, #6, June '85. [Apologetics Press, 230 Landmark Dr, Montgomery, AL 36117. Bert Thompson & Wayne Jackson, eds. 4 pp. Monthly. $3 per calendar year (i.e., subscribe in July, & you receive all issues for the year.)] Each issue features one article on some subject of Christian apologetics. This issue: "Logical Illiterates and Scientific Simpletons" by Bert Thompson--a report of a debate with Dr. Delos McKown. (Dr. McKown suggested that creationists are making progress because our nation is filled with "logical illiterates and scientific simpletons.") More than half the issues deal with creation/evolution topics from a thorough, young earth creationist position. *************************************** Origins Talk RBBS * (314) 821-1078 FidoNet 1:100/435 Christian Fellowship Net 8:3006/28 Missouri Association for Creation, Inc. 405 North Sappington Road Saint Louis, Missouri 63122-4729 (314) 821-1234


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